• Brock Commercial Grain Storage Is Different By Design™

    Brock's decades of storage design and manufacturing experience helps to make Brock's commercial grain storage products Different by Design™! Because of that experience, BROCK® Commercial Grain Storage Bins offer commercial users the best built-in value over the life of the product.

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  • The Leader You Can Trust

    Brock has a world-wide reputation as the leader you can trust to provide reliable on-farm storage that allows farmers to market their grain when they are ready. Brock’s industry-leading systems are designed to perform together to match your needs for reliable on-farm storage and to provide a better return on your investment. Whether your on-farm storage system consists of a couple of bins with an auger or an integrated drying, handling and storage system, BROCK® Bins are the right choice for the job.

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  • BROCK® SUPER-AIR® Pneumatic Systems with Easy Dryer Interface

    Brock’s positive pressure SUPER-AIR® Pneumatic Grain System can assist you in: Moving grain from the dryer to multiple bins with the use of one power source. Making conveying turns or corners without the use of additional auger systems. Adding a simplified conveying system to new or existing grain handling systems.

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Starkey Grain Bins

We specialize in the custom design and construction of reliable handling, processing, and storage systems for our customers.

With nearly 40 years of grain bin construction experience, we take great pride in every storage system we build.
"Always do right. This will grat­ify some peo­ple and aston­ish the rest.."
-Mark Twain

System Design

Maximize the marketing value of your grain with Brock's innovative systems and solutions for grain storage, handling and conditioning. Brock products are Different By Design with industry-leading innovative features.
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Storage Systems

Starkey Construction LLC., has a complete line of Brock steel corrugated flat bottom, hopper bottom and industrial tanks with capacities ranging from 126 to 700,000 bushels. Brock has the right size tank for you no matter what your storage needs.
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Handling Systems

Starkey Construction LLC., has a complete line of handling equipment for commercial specialty crops, seed, and feed products that include: bucket elevators, distributors, drag conveyors, U-troughs and curved incline drag conveyors.
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