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Move Grain Efficiently, Smoothly With Brock’s Conveying System

Brock’s Enclosed Roller-Belt Conveying System brings a balanced approach to conveyors. A smooth-operating conveyor system happens only by design. To help you get an enclosed roller-belt conveyor that minimizes harmonic vibrations while also providing longer bearing life and smoother operation, Brock incorporated the following design features:

  • All idler pulleys are dynamically-balanced at 400 and 800 revolutions per minute.
  • All pulleys feature full-length shaft with positive locking tapered bushing and keyed connection.
  • Pulley and bearing shaft is 1-1/4-inch (32 mm) diameter for less deflection and longer conveyor life.
  • Idler pulleys in the conveyor’s intermediate sections are mounted on 5-foot (1.5-meter) centers for efficient belt operation and less spillage between carrying and return belts.
  • Conveyor loading section features pulleys mounted on 3-foot (914-mm) centers for more uniform belt loading.
  • All idler pulleys are adjustable for belt training.
  • A solid disk on the conical end of the pulley provides better support and prevents energy-robbing dust pockets.
  • Head pulleys have replaceable slide lagging.
  • Head and tail bearings are standard spherical-roller pulley bearings for easy maintenance and increased loads.


When it comes to moving grain, the Brock Difference means dependable conveying and more for your money.

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